Watch Scope from Lepsi

DKK 2,250
The mobile tool for your watch


Lepsi Watch Scope is the best solution for analyzing your watch. Watch Scope can accurately measure your watch performance in seconds.

Watch Scope analyzes your watch’s rhythm and provides important information about it. It is the smallest clock analyzer that is made and at the same time you get the best technology. Watch Scope works with your smartphone and it’s easy for you to keep track of all your watches. In this way you do not lose the overview and always know when your watch should work.

With Watch Scope you no longer run the risk of losing the watch from the unnoticed. If you think it may be too slow, you will quickly find out if it should be operated and ensure that your watches always work optimally. If you have a good watch, you also need the tool to take care of it.

You can easily carry it on the go. Watch Scope is your new reliable advisor.


Technical data


iOS:    iOS 8 and above (with iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C / 6/6 Plus / 7 / 7Plus, iPad 3/4/5 and iPod touch)

Android:   Android 4.4 and later (with an advanced device like Samsung Galaxy S5 / S6, Sony Xperia Z3, HTC One m7, HUAWEI Honor 7, Motorola Moto X… .. or equivalent)

Connection   3.5 mm connector, 4 poles (no separate power supply)

Measuring range

Rate variation:  -1000s / d til + 1000s / d (+/- 0,1 sek./dag)

Amplitude:   80 ° to 360 ° (+/- 1 °)

Beat error:   0 to 10 milliseconds [ms] (+/- 0.1 ms)

Lifting angle:   Can be adjusted from 10 ° to 90 °